AAKG 150 tabs.

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AAKG Dietary supplement

AAKG is a dietary supplement in capsules intended for both professional and amateur athletes. Dietary supplement AAKG is a high quality product that supplements the diet of athletes with L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate.
AAKG Real Pharm 150 tablets are the best quality α-ketoglutaran L-arginine in the form of tablets convenient to use, which guarantee fast absorbency arginine amino acid. If you care about the maximally intensified muscle pump effect, if you want to notice the training effects in mass and take care of the effective regeneration after training, our product will come up to 100% of Your expectations!
Real Pharm offers the best quality professional supplements designed for professional sportsmen and enthusiasts of the active way of life. Thanks to our products you will join the circle of sportsmen achieving wonderful effects and fully take care of  the health and proper functioning of the organism which is burden with intensive trainings!

How do AAKG Real Pharm 150 tablets work?

α-ketoglutaran is the most assailable form of the L-arginine, which presence is the factor conditioning among others the correct synthesis of the nitric oxide (NO), it assures optimal conditions for the agmatine synthesis and also favours the fast regeneration of muscles after training and allows to achieve better increase in the muscle mass.
The use of AAKG Real Pharm 150 tablets also allows to achieve the perfect muscle pump effect – thanks to the L-arginine activity it is possible to improve a blood circulation in the area of the muscle tissue. The product also affects the improvement of the transport of nutrients to the muscles and ensures an optimal oxygenation of the muscle tissue.

Using the supplementation of AAKG Real Pharm 150 tablets will allow You to:

  • Speed up the regeneration after training
  • Get better increase in the muscle mass
  • Get the maximum muscle pump effect
  • Improve the training stamina

Thanks to the optimally selected for the needs of Your organism L-arginine dose in the form of α-ketoglutaran, you will complete fast the L-arginine deficiency which appeared as a result of wrong using of the diet which was wrongly selected for the increased needs of Your organism and you will acquire the effective anti-catabolic protection and the impact on secretion of compounds which are crucial for the increase in the muscle mass! Using AAKG Real Pharm in tablets will assure You the maximum comfort and allow to notice quickly the effects of each training!A phenomena of so-called muscle pump is connected with the intensive rush of blood to the muscles which is possible only in the case of the appropriate secretion of NO – this effect is unattainable without L-arginine and the appropriate blood supply, oxygenation and nutrition is impossible, therefore, if You care about the high effectiveness of the training, bet on AAKG Real Pharm 150 tablets supplementation – checked by the professionals!

The best quality of α-ketoglutaran L-arginine available in the form of easy to swallow, condensed tablets will assure You the best bioavailability of  L-arginine amino acid, what allows to improve the organism’s activity and achieve the appropriate physical condition and the perfectly muscular figure.
The preparation is especially recommended the endurance, strength and figure sports competitors and the enthusiasts of sports way of life, oriented to the best training effects.

AAKG Real Pharm 150 tablets completes perfectly the activity of other supplements, among others, creatinine monohydrate and HMB.

Active ingredients  1 caps %RDA 1 serving
(4 capsules)
alfa ketoglutaran L-argininy 1250 mg ** 5000 mg **

%RDA – Recommended Daily Allowance, ** – RDA not established.

(PL) Suplement diety AAKG marki Real Pharm przeznaczony jest do stosowania w celu uzyskania maksymalnego efekty tzw. pompy mięśniowej i usprawnienia krążenia krwi w obrębie wszystkich narządów i tkanek.
Stosowanie AAKG polecane jest w szczególności dla zawodników wszystkich dyscyplin sportowych oraz wszystkich trenujących jedynie w celach rekreacyjnych w okresie budowania masy mięśniowej.
AAKG przyśpiesza regenerację powysiłkową oraz wpływa a poprawę tempa przyrostów suchej masy mięśniowej. Preparat uzupełnia codzienną dietę w wykazującą działanie anaboliczne oraz antykataboliczne L-argininę.
Przed zastosowaniem preparatu należy dokładnie zapoznać się z zaleceniami odnośnie do dawkowania i przeciwwskazań związanych z przyjmowaniem suplementu.


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