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Are you going to gain the perfect physical condition? Do you want to defekt tiredness and improve the increase in mass muscle? Β-Alanine Real Pharm will provide You some excellent suplementation  results and allow to achieve quickly the set training targets!

Β-Alanine Real Pharm in the form of capsules is the pharmaceutically pure preparation, thanks to which it guarantees fast and intensive activity. Using β-Alanine you will immediately feel the improvement of the general physical condition and notice the significantly increase of the training endurance! Bet on the effective supplementation of the best quality β- alanine, which is the amino-acid essential for the proper functioning of Your muscles!

How does Beta Alanine Real Pharm work?

A guarantee of the fastest and most efficient activity of the preparation is the concentration of β-alanine, optimally matched to the needs of each sportsman’s organism, which is the primary precursor of carnosine, which is a basic component of muscle tissue.
Carnosine is responsible, among others, for regulating the pH of the muscles and ensures the proper acid-alkaline balance of muscle cells, in order to inhibit the secretion of lactic acid and at the same time promotes faster regeneration and also avoiding painful muscle sores. The optimum concentration of β-alanine in the organism allows not only to increase endurance during training, but also greatly affects the rate of the increase in muscle mass and helps to improve the nutritional level of the muscle tissue, guaranting optimal conditions for their effective work. Caused by the action of carnosine intensification of the muscular system work  has a huge impact on the effects of your training.

Using our preparation containing a striking dose of beta-alanine, you will gain:

  • Significant improvement of effort abilities, thanks to which Your strength and training endurance will grow.
  • Effective anti-catabolic protection
  • Faster increase in the dry mass muscle
  • Better nourished and ready for intensive work muscles
  • The improvement of muscle fibres contractility
  • Faster after-effort regeneration
  • The possibility of doing longer and more intensive trainings

Thanks to β – Alanine Real Pharm you will improve your general fitness and avoid the tiredness which is caused by training, thanks to which you will gain additional motivation to everyday trainings!

Preparation β – Alanine is designer for all professional sportsmen and active people, who want to improve their physical fitness thanks to the natural and effective supplementation. Due to its extremely strong anti-catabolic effect, β-alanine reign among post-training supplements and has been appreciated by many professional competitors of different sports. The preparation also works well as support for your organism before a training and will allow you to gain extra strength to intense exercise!

Check and be convinced that β-Alanine Real Pharm is the absolute leader among supplements on the base of β-alanine! With a capsule easy to take, you will maximally speed up the time of penetration this amino acid into the bloodstream and increase its absorption which will let you quickly notice the effects of supplementation in the form of improved effort capacity and extreme acceleration in the increase of defatted mass muscle.

Beta Alanine Real Pharm is Your receipt for the success in each sports discipline!


Beta Alanine Real Pharm 150 caps. contains the purest quality alanine. Condensed into easy to swallow capsules in a very high, 1100mg concentration! The product’s main goal is to prevent premature fatigue and help to build lean muscle mass. It also helps to build up endurance, increase workout efficiency and accelerate regeneration.

Its easily soluble capsule coating provides increased absorption of the components enclosed inside, which gives it an advantage over other products in tablet form.

Beta Alanine Real Pharm 150caps. is converted in your body into carnosine, which is responsible for all the processes described above. Carnosine itself causes a rapid muscle mass gain, and prevents muscle sores (by blocking lactic acid production).

Carnosine is present in high concentrations in skeletal muscles, and its concentration is highest in the strong, fast-twitch type II muscle fibers. Due to this fact, it delays the decrease in pH, increasing the length and efficiency of trainings.


Active ingredients 1 serving (4 capsules) %ZDS
beta alanine 4400 mg **


ZDS – Recommended daily allowance for an average adult (8400 kj/2000kcal), ** – no set ZDS.


(PL) Preparat Beta Alanine dedykowany jest dla wszystkich zawodowych sportowców oraz osób aktywnych, które chcą poprawić swoją sprawność fizyczną dzięki naturalnej i skutecznej suplementacji.

(PL) Sposób użycia: raz dziennie spożyć 1 porcję produktu (4 kapsułki). Nie przekraczać maksymalnej 1 porcji produktu do spożycia dziennie.


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