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Carbo One

Carbohydrates play a crucial role in the supplementation of each athlete. Carbo One by Real Pharm is a top quality supplement for people who are physically active and need a complex of slow-burning carbohydrates in order to fully utilize the potential of anabolic window and guarantee the quickest post-workout recovery. Carbo One by Real Pharm is one of the few professional supplements for athletes with such a perfect formula for your organism. Our supplement will give you a strong protection against catabolism, provide a necessary boost of energy and enable you to avoid the overproduction of insulin (as in the case of other products of this type) which leads to excessive fat storage!

Carbo One by Real Pharm is a guarantee of the highest quality and effectivenes – our brand has already been appreciated by top athletes and now you can try our products yourself – check them out and discover that you will finally be able to reach every training goal!
Carbo One – how does it work?

Carbohydrates are the basic fuel for the brain and a source of energy, which is necessary not only during workout. By using Carbo One by Real Pharm you are providing your body with appropriate conditions to work on a higher level!
The unique formula of our supplement utilizes top quality carbohydrates with various rates of absorption. The combination of carbohydrates with different glycemic indexes results in slow energy release, prevents sudden fatigue and will enable you to supply your body with muscle glycogen. What is more, Carbo One by Real Pharm will give you an additional portion of valuable minerals such as magnesium and potassium which are lost during each workout session!
Buy Carbo One and choose quality and effectiveness unseen in the products of other manufacturers!

Only Real Pharm carbohydrates will enable you to:

  • Gain quick and effective post workout recovery
  • Feel an instant and long-lasting burst of energy
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Give your body a perfect anabolic boost
  • Effectively protect your muscles against catabolism
  • Avoid excessive mass gain
  • Ensure proper functioning of the muscular system

Carbo One by Real Pharm is a supplement created for sportspeople of various disciplines – it is a perfect choice for athletes competing in strength, endurance, bodybuilding and speed sports. This product is also recommended for amateurs focused on mass gain and anticatabolic protection as well as everyone engaged in intense physical activity on a daily basis.
Carbo One immediately reduces fatigue and gives a motivating boost of energy! With our product you will soon feel a difference in your well-being and discover a significant improvement in terms of your training endurance. Remember that carbohydrates are an essential element of daily supplementation – when consumed during physical activity and immediately after the training they enable you to make up for the losses in muscle glycogen and utilize all advantages of the anabolic window effect. When used just before the training, our carbohydrates are a great solution to block catabolism and protect your muscles during and after the physical activity.

Carbo One by Real Pharm is also an effective solution to increase muscle growth in people with quick metabolism – the exceptional quality and variety of ingredients in Carbo One makes it possible to speed up lean muscle building even in ectomorphs!

Choose the best market-available carbohydrates in affordable prices – Real Pharm will enable you to achieve more than ever and fully satisfy the increased nutritional requirements of your body! Check out other products offered by Real Pharm and create your own supplementation set designed to help you achieve a specific training goal.

100g 25g (1 serving)
energy value 384 kcal/1632 kJ 96 kcal/404 kJ
fats 0g 0g
include saturated fatty acids 0g 0g
carbohydrates 96g 24g
including sugars 76g 19g
roughage 0g 0g
protein 0g 0g
salt 1,5g 0,38g
potassium 1200mg (60% RWS) 300mg (15% RWS)
magnesium 228mg 57mg
sodium 0,6g 0,15g
calcium 480mg (60% RWS) 120mg (15% RWS)


(PL) Carbo One natychmiastowo redukuje zmęczenie i daje motywujący do działania zastrzyk energii! Stosując nasz produkt szybko odczujesz różnicę w samopoczuciu i zauważalnie poprawisz swoją wydolność treningową.

(PL) Sposób użycia: porcję produktu (25g – jedną miarkę) wymieszać z 150-200 ml wody. Spożywać do 4 razy dziennie.

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    świetne węgle ,smaki,rozpuszczalność dla każdego paliwo

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