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CreaHCL by Real Pharm

Are you looking for an effective solution to improve your lean muscle gain? Do you want to increase your strength and endurance during each workout session? CreaHCL by Real Pharm will meet all your expectations – this supplement will complete your diet with the addition of a compound vital to proper functioning of the body – creatine. As a result, you will soon discover an increase of your effectiveness during each workout session!

The powdered supplement CreaHCL by Real Pharm was designed for professional athletes and amateurs who pursue active lifestyle and aim for permanent and harmonious training progress. This product contains pharmaceutically pure creatine hydrochloride characterized by exceptional bioavailability, which guarantees astonishing effects of supplementation!
The effects of CreaHCL by Real Pharm are significantly stronger when compared to other popular creatine monohydrate-based supplements, offering up to 70% higher absorption rate! Choose high quality and the unique formula of CreaHCL by Real Pharm to gain muscle growth you have always dreamed of, without the risk of failure and long wait for the first effects of supplementation!

The best creatine on the market by Real Pharm:

  • Gives you quick and effective lean muscle gain
  • Provides fantastic endurance during each workout session
  • Increases strength necessary to achieve progressively better training results
  • Ensures effective post-workout recovery, which prevents degradation of muscles caused by catabolic reactions

CreaHCL by Real Pharm is the only market-available supplement which will give you 100% satisfaction and enable you to fully utilize the unique properties of creatine! CreaHCL by Real Pharm guarantees the best bioavailability and absorption of pure creatine hydrochloride characterized by the increased stability and resistance to acids in the digestive system – as a result, your body will fully utilize the supplied dose of creatine and will be able to store larger amounts of it in your muscles!

CreaHCL by Real Pharm is a complete revolution in terms of creatine supplements! Try it and see for yourself that other products you have used so far were only effective on the surface – with creatine hydrochloride by Real Pharm you will feel the beneficial effect of creatine more quickly and with more intensity, which will enable you to reach any training goal with no trouble!

RDA- Recommended daily allowance for an average adult (8400 kj/2000kcal), ** – No set RDA.

Active ingredients 1 serving (1,25 g) %RDA 2 servings (2,5g) %RDA 4 servings (5g) %RDA
creatine hydrochloride (creatine HCl) 1,18 g ** 2,36 g ** 4,72 g **


(PL) Suplement w proszku CreaHCL Real Pharm stworzony został dla wszystkich zawodowych sportowców oraz amatorów sportowego trybu życia, którym zależy na stałych i harmonijnych postępach treningowych.

(PL) Sposób użycia: 1 porcję produktu (1,25 g), to jest 1/4 dołączonej do opakowania miarki, wymieszać z 200 ml wody. Spożywać do 4 razy dziennie. Nie przekraczać maksymalnej ilości 4 porcji (5 g) do spożycia dziennie.


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