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Creatine by Real Pharm 300caps

Creatine monohydrate is one of the most popular compounds used to accelerate muscle gain. It will enable you to obtain better training effects and achieve the perfect physique.

Creatine by Real Pharm 300caps is the purest creatine monohydrate available on the market, which will allow you to increase your muscle strength and endurance to the maximum and provide appropriate conditions for intense muscle growth owing to the anabolic processes triggered by supplementation.

Creatine by Real Pharm – the best creatine monohydrate on the market

The high concentration of Creatine by Real Pharm combined with the convenient form of a capsule, which also affects its absorption rate, result in both more enjoyable and more effective supplementation than in the case of popular powdered products or traditional tablets. Choose quality, experience and innovative solutions which will enable you to fully utilize the potential of creatine monohydrate!

Creatine by Real Pharm is a top quality product which will enable you to:

  • Gain an additional source of energy, which is necessary for physically active people
  • Improve muscle fiber contractility
  • Ensure intense hydration of muscle tissue
  • Speed up lean muscle growth
  • Improve general body functioning
  • Improve recovery rate and enhance anabolic processes

The effects of creatine monohydrate, which have been appreciated by thousands of athletes, enable you to increase muscle strength and dynamics while providing an anabolic boost and anticatabolic protection. One gram of creatine monohydrate can transport even 50 g of water directly to muscle cells, which allows you to notice the first effects of supplementation within a few days after the first serving of Creatine by Real Pharm!

Real Pharm offers only top quality supplements for professionals and amateurs who are focused on constant development of their training capacities while taking into consideration the safety of use. Choose creatine monohydrate, whose effect has been confirmed by numerous studies and enjoy your quick supplement effect! With Creatine by Real Pharm you will quickly achieve the perfect physique, improve your body shape and increase muscle strength, dynamics and endurance, and notice a fast training progress!

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Active ingredients 1 capsule: %RDA 1 serving(2 capsules) %RDA 2 servings(4 capsules) %RDA
Creatine monohydrate 1000 mg ** 2000 mg ** 4000 mg **

%RDA – Recommended Daily Allowance, ** – RDA not established.


(PL) Z Creatine Real Pharm szybko osiągniesz idealną muskulaturę i poprawisz rzeźbę sylwetki, a także zwiększysz siłę, dynamikę i wytrzymałość mięśni oraz zauważysz szybki progres treningowy!

(PL) Sposób użycia: raz dziennie spożyć 1 porcję produktu (5 kapsułek) 2 razy dziennie. Nie przekraczać maksymalnych 2 porcji (10 kapsułek) produktu do spożycia dziennie.


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