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L-carnitine by Real Pharm 150caps

Is your plan to burn excess fat? Do you want to get rid of extra kilograms and achieve a perfectly sculpted physique? Choose the best entirely natural fat burner on the market, which will enable you to stimulate fat burning processes in a safe and effective way – L-carnitine by Real Pharm is your key to success during reduction!
L-carnitine by Real Pharm contains top quality pure L-carnitine, which has powerful fat burning properties. This amino acid is safe for your health, demonstrates exceptional nutritional value and actively enhances your metabolism.

L-carnitine is also responsible for the transport of fat to miniature power plants in your organism known as mitochondria, provide  energy necessary for the proper functioning of the immune and circulatory system, participates in the processes of conversion of fatty acids into energy and guarantees efficient transport of energy to muscles and all body organs.

Reduction of calorie intake in order to lose excess fat is associated with the increase of fatigue and demotivation. L-carnitine by Real Pharm enables you not only to enhance fat metabolism and effectively reduce fatty tissue but also guarantees increase of endurance and reduction of premature fatigue.

The best L-carnitine on the market by Real Pharm will enable you to:

  • Speed up and enhance fat burning
  • Enhance and accelerate post workout recovery
  • Ensure that all organs are supplied with the appropriate amount of energy
  • Gain excellent fitness during each workout session
  • Improve well-being during weight loss
  • Reduce the frequency of sore muscles
  • Provide antioxidant protection and reduce tissue damage caused by free radicals

L-cartinine by Real Pharm is a supplement in the form of highly concentrated easy-to-swallow capsules, which will give you a quick and satisfactory fat burning effect! Try it and see for yourself that reduction does not have to end with a failure. With Real Pharm you will quickly achieve a perfect physique and finally see the results of your diet without any side effects such as fatigue or lack of energy! What is more, L-carnitine by Real Pharm helps you to reduce the breakdown of amino acids supplied to you body and accelerate protein synthesis, resulting in quicker lean muscle gain while burning excessive fat at the same time.

This supplement is recommended to professional athletes, people who enjoy active lifestyle and anyone, who wants to see quick results of their diet. Our 100% natural L-carnitine guarantees effectiveness and will protect you against harmful side effects caused by controversial products for weight loss. When using before workout, it will enable you to achieve the ideal weight you have always dreamed of!

Active ingredients 1 capsule: %RDA 1 serving (1 capsule) %RDA
L-carnitine 1000 mg ** 1000 mg **

%RDA – Recommended Daily Allowance, ** – RDA not established.


(PL) Suplement dedykowany jest wyczynowym sportowcom oraz amatorom aktywnego trybu życia, a także wszystkim chcącym szybko zauważyć efekty odchudzania. W 100% naturalna L-karnityna zapewni Ci gwarancję skuteczności i pozwoli uniknąć zgubnych skutków ubocznych stosowania kontrowersyjnych preparatów na odchudzanie. Stosowana przed treningiem stanie się Twoją gwarancją osiągnięcia wymarzonej wagi ciała!

(PL) Sposób użycia: spożyć 1-2 razy dziennie 1 kapsułkę. Nie przekraczać maksymalnej ilości 2 porcji (2 kapsułek) produktu do spożycia dziennie.


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