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Each organism of the physically active people has a far greater need for vitamins and minerals. The sportsmen’s diet must have enough magnesium which conditions the work of muscular and nervous system, and also vitamin B6 which increases its absorption.

The preparation Magnesium + B6 will guarantee You the excellent bioavailability, crucial for your organism’s compounds. This best quality supplement from Health Series production line, Real Pharm Brand, is the perfect choice for professional sportsmen and enthusiasts who want to improve maximally the work of organism which is burden with the extreme effort.

Why is Magnesium + B6 worth using?

None each of magnesium has the same efficiency, so for people aware of the needs of his body created Magnesium + B6 – the unique formula preparation and its high absorption, will provide You the excellent supplementation effect!
Magnesium + B6 is the only one on the market, which allow to fully satisfy the needs of Your organism, and will also impact immediately on a perceptible improvement in well-being and physical efficiency. Magnesium + B6 contains pharmaceutically pure magnesium and the optimal dose of vitamin B6 for its proper absorption.

Why we should take special care to deliver the organism exactly those compounds? Both magnesium, as vitamin B6 play extremely important roles in the organism. Magnesium allows above all to take care about optimal work conditions for the nervous and muscle system by increasing the resistance to stress, reducing tiredness and improving the nerve conduction. Thanks to the optimal dose of magnesium, it is possible to avoid the contraction of muscles and improve their work at doing effort and also increasing the protein synthesis, which affects on the pace of the muscle growth.

Vitamin B6 also fulfills important functions. Without vitamin B6, the most of metabolic reactions could not undergo, among others, metabolism of glycogen and proteins. It is also responsible for maintaining the normal amount of red blood cells, determines the process of cysteine synthesis, reduces tiredness, ensures proper functioning of the nervous system, affects the functioning of the muscle, and also maintains the proper functioning of the endocrine system. Without magnesium and vitamin B6 your organism will not give you the possibility to carry out effective training, so bet on effective supplementation that will provide the optimum amount necessary to achieve those objectives training compounds.

Magnesium + B6 will assure You:

• Optimally matched to the needs of your organism, a dose of the best quality magnesium, in the form of perfectly assimilated by the body magnesium citrate
• Big dose of vitamin B6
• Quick supplementation effect of reducing tiredness, muscle contraction elimination and increased resistance to stress

Using Magnesium + B6 you are sure that you are providing your organism the best quality compounds that in a quick and efficient way complete deficiencies caused by poor diet and excessive physical effort!
Magnesium + B6 is perfectly matched to your needs dose of magnesium in a form of a tablet which is easy to take  and allows your organism to cope with every effort and fulfill your expectations!

active ingredients 1 tablet % 2 tablet %
magnesium citrate 1050 mg * 2100 mg *
This magnesium 150 mg 40% 300 mg 80%
vitamin B6 5 mg 357% 10 mg 714%


(PL) Magnesium + B6 to wysokiej klasy suplement w tabletkach o masie 1350 mg,  należący do unikatowej linii suplementów Health Series marki Real Pharm, uzupełniający dietę w magnez i witaminę B6. Jest przeznaczony zarówno dla profesjonalnych sportowców, jak i osób amatorsko uprawiających sport.

(PL) Sposób użycia: spożywać 1 tabletkę 2 razy dziennie. Nie przekraczać maksymalnej ilości 2 porcji (2 tabletek) do spożycia dziennie.

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    świetny magnez no i dodatkowa witamina b6,super

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