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Real Pharm Potassium

Real Pharm Potassium is a high quality dietary supplement in 1400  mg tablets. It is a part of the unique Health Series supplements, created by Real Pharm.

The product is a source of highly-absorbable potassium citrate, which is an indispensable ingredient for every living organism. The element itself has a positive impact on maintaining good functioning of the neuromuscular system and beneficial effect on the regulation of blood pressure.

Although potassium can be found in most food products, considerable deficiencies that may lead to muscle spasms, hypertension, and even swelling of the limbs, quite often occur in our bodies.

Additionally, this element belongs to the group of electrolytes, commonly referred to as minerals. Because it is highly soluble in water, it can easily reach all the intercellular spaces. Potassium stimulates the secretion of insulin, taking part in the burning of nutrients and oxygenation of the brain.

Trust your body and provide it with all the necessary elements – Real Pharm Potassium will certainly help you achieve this goal.

Potassium is a dietary supplement in tablets, designed for both professional athletes and amateurs. Potassium dietary supplement is a high quality product that supplements the diet of athletes with potassium.

Potassium contained in the product:

  • has a positive effect on maintaining the proper functioning of the neuromuscular system,
  • affects normal blood pressure.
Active ingredients 1 tablet RDA% 2 tablets RDA%
Potassium citrateof which potassium 1000 mg360 mg *18% 2000 mg720 mg *36%

RDA – Nutrient Reference Value

(PL) Preparat kierowany jest do osób zajmujących się profesjonalnie sportem jak i amatorów i pozwala skutecznie uzupełniać niedobory związane ze stosowaniem ubogiej w potas diety.

(PL) Sposób użycia: spożywać 1 tabletkę 2 razy dziennie. Nie przekraczać maksymalnej ilości 2 porcji (2 tabletek) do spożycia dziennie.


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