Pre Pump Double Shot

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How to achieve in a quick way the maximum effect of the muscle pump? Only Pre Pump SHOT Real Pharm will assure you 100% satisfaction from supplementation and allow to additionally gain muscles’ endurance which is unprecedented at taking other preparations !
Pre Pump SHOT is not only the most effective method of making the extreme muscle pump. Using our Shot before the training, you will maximally focus attention on the taken exercises and feel a surge of energy which is necessary during the extreme effort and which can be actively changed for surprising training effects!

How does Pre Pump SHOT work?

Only Pre Pump SHOT contains perfectly proportions of active substances, which are characteristic for the highest quality and deciding about their effectiveness . The preparation contains the high dose of β-alanine, taurine, cytruline, glucuronolactone and anyhydrous caffeine, thanks to which the effects of supplementation are almost immediately perceptible! The additional advantage of Pre Pump SHOT is its easy to use form of a liquid, which perfectly completes a deficiency of substances which are crucial for each sportsman and the taste of this liquid is delightful.

Bet on the speed of working and perfect effectiveness at surprisingly low price – none of supplements will not assure You such spectacular effects in comparably short time!
Perfectly pumped muscles, surprising endurance and the additional dose of energy, this is Your recipe for success! With Pre Pump SHOT without any problems you will achieve each training aim and significantly correct your  activity motivation!

Only Real Pharm assures You the high quality supplements, it is distinguished with effectiveness and extremely strong action. Trust professionals and join the circle of professional  sportsmen, who betted on the supplementation having the guarantee of effectiveness and supplementation aimed into precise expectations!

What can you gain with Pre Pump SHOT:

  • The muscle pump effect, which you always dreamt about
  • Better concentration during training
  • Bigger strength and muscle endurance
  • Maximum energetic effect
  • Better nourished and oxygenated muscles

Pre Pump SHOT is the supplement designed both for professionals and people who only relax during training. It doesn’t master if you train professionally, or if you only work on achieving the perfect figure in order to correct your appearance – Pre Pump SHOT will help You achieve faster the determined aims – be convinced that you can do more!
Because of the high caffeine content, the preparation can not be used by pregnant women, feeding mothers or children, and also all hypersensitive to its activity.


Pre pump shot is a proven and effective product which provides muscle pump and extraordinary  muscle endurance. After only a few minutes after taking Pre Pump Shot you will experience an increase in focus and energy. The blood reaches your muscles at a faster rate. Now, it is only up to you how you are going to use this potential. Strength, pump, energy, focus those are your arguments during the training. Pre Pump shot is your argument. As much as 5000 mg of Beta-alanine, as much as 1000 mg of Citrulline, as much as 2000mg of Taurine, as much as 400mg of Caffeine, as much as 250 mg of Glucuronolactone.

Pre Pump Double Shot 60ml. Dietary supplement. High content of caffeine; not recommended for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers (667mg/100ml). Contains sweetener.


How to use: take ½ of bottle (30ml) before or during training. Do not exceed maximum 1 serving per day. Shake before use. Consume within 24 after opening .

Notes: Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Don`t mix with alcohol. Due to high content of caffeine the product is not recommended for diabetics, people sensitive to caffeine, with hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Dietary supplements can not be used as a substitute of a varied diet. Store in a cool, dry place, beyond children`s reach.

Best before and bactch numer: (see on the cap)

Net content: 60ml

Ingredients: water; beta-alanine(2,5g/30ml); taurine (1g/30ml); caffeine anhydrous (200mg/30ml); glucuronolactone (125mg/30ml); aroma; sweetener: sucralose; preservatives: benzoic acid and sorbic acid.

Active ingredients per 30 ml per 60ml
Beta-alanina 2,5g 5g
Citrulline 1g 2g
Taurine 1g 2g
Caffeine anhydrous 200mg 400mg
Glucuronolactone 125mg 250mg

(PL) Pre Pump SHOT to suplement dedykowany zarówno zawodowcom, jak i osobom jedynie relaksującym się podczas treningów. Nie ważne czy ćwiczysz profesjonalnie, czy tylko pracujesz nad osiągnięciem idealnej sylwetki w celu poprawy wyglądu – Pre Pump SHOT pomoże Ci szybciej osiągnąć wyznaczone cele – przekonaj się, że możesz więcej!

(PL) Sposób użycia: wypić 1/2 butelki (30 ml) przd lub w trakcie wysiłku. Nie przekraczać maksymalnej ilości 1 porcji produktu do spożycia dziennie.


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