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Real Mass is a very effective carbohydrate-protein supplement designed to build the muscle mass, especially for those of you who lead active lifestyle.

Our product has been created to quickly supply and meet the body’s requirements for nutrients during intense physical activity.

Each portion of Real Mass delivers high quality animal proteins and carbohydrates, making it a good emergency alternative to one of your meals, when you simply cannot take it with you. Real Mass gives your muscles everything that is essential for their growth, precisely when it is needed.

This supplement perfectly fulfills its role in the muscle building process, owing to the quality and type of ingredients used. With painstakingly balanced proportions, Real Mass gives you all these benefits in just one serving.

Combined with well-balanced diet and training, the ingredients used in Real Mass guarantee successive muscle growth, as well as general improvement of physical and mental state for every athlete. Keep in mind, that the process of muscle growth is not only about the amount of calories provided, but also about their quality.


The product proves itself effective as a supplement in nearly every popular sport.

Technologists responsible for creating the Real Mass recipe took the effort to make sure that not only the quality, but also the taste meets expectations of even the most demanding of our dear clients. It has been achieved with flavors imported from the USA.

100g 1 serving (75g)
energy value 376 kcal/1596 kJ 282 kcal/1197 kJ
fats 2,5g 1,9g
including saturated fatty acids 1,6g 1,2g
carbohydrates 68g 51g
including sugars 10g 7,5g
roughage 1g 0,75g
protein 20g 15g
salt 0,25g 0,19g



(PL) Real Mass to produkt idealny zarówno dla zawodowych sportowców, jak i amatorów uprawiających wszystkie dyscypliny sportowe. Odżywka pozwala uzupełnić niedobory kluczowych dla Twoich mięśni składników odżywczych oraz zapewni optymalną dawkę energii, którą spożytkujesz podczas każdego treningu!

(PL) Sposób użycia: 1 porcję produktu (75g – 2 miarki) wymieszać z 150-250 ml wody lub mleka. Spożywać do 4 razy dziennie.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    super odżywka na przyrost masy mięśniowej

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