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Red Speed Real Pharm returns in a new perfect version.‭ ‬So far available in tablets,‭ ‬and from now on in the form of easily-soluble powder,‭ ‬which will be an energy bomb in your morning shake,‭ ‬as well.


Another novelty is the addition of ginseng‭ ‬– the herb used in the medicine of the Far East for thousands of years.‭ ‬Nowadays,‭ ‬its medical properties have been proved‭ ‬– this herb improves potency and memory,‭ ‬and also makes the heart stronger.‭ ‬Among many active substances,‭ ‬which may be found in the root of ginseng,‭ ‬so-called ginsenosides,‭ ‬are the most important.‭ ‬They increase the ability of haemoglobin to absorb oxygen,‭ ‬and,‭ ‬this way,‭ ‬help provide organs with oxygen better.‭ ‬That results in increasing quantity of energy and ability of the organism to effort,‭ ‬both physical and intellectual.‭ ‬Moreover,‭ ‬in sportspeople who received ginseng regularly,‭ ‬lactic acid reached‭ ‬the level which was two times lower.
Moreover,‭ ‬in the new composition of Red Speed,‭ ‬there is now inosine‭ ‬– an active substance o antiviral and immunostimulating action,‭ ‬which,‭ ‬in nature,‭ ‬is found in fish meat,‭ ‬and also isomaltulose,‭ ‬found in honey,‭ ‬and also sugar cane and sugar beet juices.


The product is a carefully developed formula,‭ ‬which was based on a guarana seed extract,‭ ‬caffeine,‭ ‬inositol,‭ ‬and also glucuronolacton.‭ ‬Its main task is to provide the appropriate energy level in the organism,‭ ‬thanks to which it works excellently in the case of using by sportspeople,‭ ‬as well as people in blue or white collar jobs.
The caffeine contained in the product has a positive influence on the feeling of tiredness while performing tasks,‭ ‬reducing it,‭ ‬and,‭ ‬consequently,‭ ‬increases stamina,‭ ‬attention and vigilance.
Guarana extract,‭ ‬apart from the tasks described above,‭ ‬can control the body mass level by means of the metabolism of fats,‭ ‬protecting the organism against the negative results of stress,‭ ‬and also adverse influence of external environment.‭
Guarana seeds are the richest vegetable raw material,‭ ‬as far as the contents of caffeine are concerned,‭ ‬because of which it has a direct influence on the movement of stimuli in the human nervous system.
Thanks to such a composition,‭ ‬the Red Speed of Real Pharm will provide a portion of energy in split second,‭ ‬and will make it possible to eliminate the symptoms of tiredness,‭ ‬and improve attention in general.‭ ‬This product does not cause side effects for the kidneys and using minerals by the organism,‭ ‬thanks to which it is even more valuable.
It contains caffeine‭; ‬it is not recommended to be used by children and pregnant women‭ (‬200‭ ‬mg in one portion,‭ ‬i.e.‭ ‬1‭ ‬tablet‭)‬.

The caffeine contained in the product in question has a positive influence on:

  • ‭‬Reducing the feeling of making effort while exercising,
  • ‬Increase in stamina,
  • Improved attention,‭ ‬and also vigilance.

The guarana extract contained in the product has a positive influence on:

  • Keeping your weight and the metabolism of fats in check,‭ ‬protecting against the results of stress and the adverse influence of the environment,
  • Increase in vigilance.
Active ingredients 2 scoops (16 g)
Paullinia cupana guarana seeds extract standardized to 22% caffeine 300 mg
caffeine 134 mg
inositol 100 mg
glucuronolactone 100 mg
inosine 250 mg
extract of ginseng rhizome Eleutherococcus senticosus standardized to 0.8% eleutherosides E+B 50 mg
isomaltulose 12000 mg


RED SPEED to suplement diety, przeznaczony zarówno dla profesjonalnych sportowców jak i osób amatorsko uprawiających sport, uzupełniający ich dietę w kofeinę, inozytol oraz glukuronolakton.

Sposób użycia: spożyć 2 miarki (16 g) raz dziennie. Nie przekraczać maksymalnej ilości 16 g do spożycia dziennie.


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