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Real Pharm SLEEP WELL food supplement is a highly concentrated formula developed in order to ensure both comfortable and high quality sleep, which constitutes a significant element of your health and regeneration. Its excellent composition was designed so as to meet the needs of both professional and amateur athletes.

Minerals and substances that support healthy sleep combined within Real Pharm SLEEP WELL constitute a unique mix with a wide range of properties – they allow the body to calm down, replenish the shortages of elements that ensure regeneration during sleep, enhance the immune system and indicate both soothing and relaxing properties.


Using Real Pharm SLEEP WELL will allow you to provide your body with a wide range of valuable and active ingredients that will improve your sleep. You can find here, amongst others:

  • Magnesium – guarantees appropriate electrolyte balance. This element contributes to proper energy metabolism and reduces fatigue. Its main goal is to support energy production and participate in protein synthesis. According to research, due to intensive exercise, athletes indicate excessive loss of magnesuim through perspiration. Therefore, the diet itself – even though rich in nuts, legumes etc. – is often not enough to replenish magnesium deficits. Using the supplement might effectively support the body during regeneration and improve workout effects – especially while sleeping.
  • Zinc – an element essential for protein synthesis as well as cell growth. It actively participates in numerous processes and metabolic reactions. Its presence within the supplement is of utmost importance as zinc allows to soothe both nervous and circulatory systems, optimizes blood pressure along with work of the heart and pulse. It supports both physical and mental regeneration.
  • L-tryptophan – one of the exogenous amino acids that takes part in protein synthesis as well as acts as the precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin (“hormone of happiness”). Thus, it has a direct influence on your mood, well-being and appetite. Furthermore, it also contributes to the production of melatonin – hormone responsible for sleep – as well as supports your immune system and contributes to the bio-synthesis of vitamins B6 and PP.
  • L-theanine – an amino acid that can be found naturally in green tea leafs. It indicates relaxing properties and can soothe nervous tension. It also supports attention.
  • Melatonin – a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland. Its deficiencies can effectively inhibit enjoying good quality sleep. The hormone’s presence within the supplement facilitates falling asleep, improves well-being as well as helps reduce the number of awakenings during the night and thus avoid low mood during the morning.
  • Gamma – Aminobutyric acid (GABA) – an amino acid that supports appropriate regeneration and contributes to the blissful state of relaxation. Its important advantage is the fact that it reduces excessive excitability and allows the body to calm down. Its properties are enhanced by theanine – also included within the supplement.
  • Common oat extract – an ingredient that soothes nerves and supports brain cell regeneration. Furthermore, it is often used as a means of improving one’s sex life.
  • Hop cone extract – one of the most popular herbal extracts used to reduce nervous tensions as well as facilitate falling asleep. Hops’ properties have been known since the dawn of history – ancient Greeks and Romans used it to treat insomnia, improve their appetite as well as lower sexual excitability.
  • Lemon balm extract – widely used to soothe nerves, reduce stress as well as calm down and relax. Upon achieving the mentioned effects, it also enhances cognitive skills, improves memory and ensures a peaceful, top-tier quality sleep. The extract is also used in reducing digestive problems and pain ailments.
  • Saffron extract – indicates anti-depressant properties, improves mood and supports insomnia treatments. Furthermore, it improves attention, has a positive influence on libido, supports motivation and contributes to good well-being.
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride – a form of vitamin B6. It supports energy metabolism and is essential for ensuring healthy nerves and brain.

Such remarkable composition found in Real Pharm SLEEP WELL is based on excellently selected proportions. Thus, it allows to enjoy high-quality sleep, which is essential for proper functioning, and encouages regeneration of the whole body.


Sleep aid supplement Real Pharm SLEEP WELL was developed with focus on persons who exercise and thus ought to take care of good-quality sleep. Its complex properties support the whole body, nourish it with micro-elements and numerous plant extracts that contribute to peaceful and high-quality sleep as well as reduce fatigue. Furthermore, the supplement improves post-exercise regeneration and thus will serve well in diets of hard-training professional and amateur athletes. It is also suitable for persons who suffer from problems with sleep.

Real Pharm SLEEP WELL*:

  • is a perfect combination of minerals and elements that ensure good sleep.
  • contains an abundance of plant extracts
  • is a complete product suitable for hard-training persons – both professional athletes and amateurs.
  • constitutes an excellent supplement that improves the regeneration rate, enures top-tier quality of sleep and helps us feel both well-rested and ready for action.
  • guarantees replenishment of numerous element deficiencies resulting from intensive physical effort and fatigue.
  • has the strength of over 10 ingredients that provide comprehensive support to the athlete’s body and ensure high-quality regenerative sleep.


Take a single serving of the product – 2 tablets of Real Pharm SLEEP WELL once a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of one serving.


* Results depend on individual predispositions


Aktywne składniki 1 porcja (2 tabletki) % RWS
magnez 120 mg 32%
cynk 15 mg 150%
L-tryptofan 100 mg
L-teanina 100 mg
melatonina 1 mg
kwas gamma-aminomasłowy (GABA) 100 mg
ekstrakt owsa zwyczajnego standaryzowany na 7% flawonów 100 mg
ekstrakt z szyszek chmielu zwyczajnego 10:1 50 mg
ekstrakt z melisy standaryzowany na 2% olejków eterycznych 50 mg
ekstrakt z szafranu standaryzowany na 5% krocyny 30 mg
chlorowodorek pirydoksyny 2 mg

RWS – Referencyjna Wartość Spożycia dla przeciętnej osoby dorosłej (8400 kJ/2000kcal), ** – brak ustalonej normy RWS.

(PL) Porcję produktu – 2 tabletki Real Pharm SLEEP WELL  należy spożywać raz dziennie. Nie należy przekraczać maksymalnej ilości 1 porcji do spożycia dziennie.


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