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Vitamin B Complex

The organism expose to the great physical effort needs the special support in the form of supplementation of crucial for its correct functioning of compounds which are reliable, among others, for the most of metabolic processes of vitamins from group B.

Designed specially for professional sportsmen and all enthusiasts of active lifestyle, the brand Real Pharm created the unique compositions of vitamins from the group B, additionally enriched with C and E vitamins. The supplementation of Vitamin B Complex Real Pharm will supply You the optima dose of valuable nutritious components in proportions perfectly selected for Your organism, thanks to which it will be able to cope with each training!

How do Vitamin B Complex work?

Vitamin B Complex are the set of 10 vitamins which are active in many processes, which will allow to prevent all deficiency and enrich the diary diet of each person who cares about health.

You will find in the preparation the best quality vitamins which distinguish with their increased assimilability, which can correct Your health state and impact on keeping the perfectfit and physical condition. Vitamin B Complex contain:

  • Biotin and thiamine – isdispensable for the nervous system functioning
  • Pantothenic acid which conditions the proper energetic metabolism and eliminates tiredness
  • Riboflavin which influences the fast acquiring energy from food
  • Vitamin B6 which is indispensable during proteins and glycogen metabolic processes, and also impacting the course of the cysteine synthesis and reducing physical and psychical tiredness
  • Vitamin B12 which conditions the proper working of the immunological system
  • Folic acid which is involved in haematopoietic functions
  • Vitamin C which is indispensable for the joints’ health
  • Vitamin E which is involved in the organism protection and reducing free radicals


Such rich content of the preparation Vitamin B Complex guarantees fast and satisfying supplementation effects. Thanks to the use of products from the Real Pharm production line, you will avoid the necessity of taking many tablets everyday – just 1 tablet Vitamin B Complex will fulfill Your daily need for  vitamins from group B and vitamins C and E!

Fast and effectively – that’s the way Vitamin B Complex Real Pharm work and thanks to it you can gain:

  • Better physical condition
  • Healthy nervous system which guarantees full resistance to tiredness and stress
  • Better absorption of magnesium which is necessary for muscles
  • Perfect support for joints functioning (vitamin C takes part in creating of collagen)
  • The additional dose of energy
  • Faster organism’s regeneration after the effort
  • Great support for the fast increase in mass muscle


Vitamins from the group B take part in nearly all organism’s metabolic reactions. Thanks to them it is possible to acquire energy from the ford and the correct protein and glycogen synthesis, without ones we are not able to form the perfect musculature.

Bet on the comfort of application of Vitamin B Complex tablets, which allow You to care about Your organism and they perform well not only as the part of the sportsmen supplementation plan, but also each one, who wants  ccounteract the decline in physical and mental form deficiency as a result of vitamins essential to the operation of all systems! What matters is the quality – if you want to take the full advantage of your opportunities, select vitamins that really work! High bioavailability and fast absorption of Vitamin B Complex is your secret weapon to fight tiredness and a key to achieving more and better training effects!

The active ingredient 1 tablet


2 tablet
vitamin B1 1,1 mg(100%) 2,2 mg(200%)
vitamin B2 1,4 mg(100%) 2,8 mg(200%)
niacin 16 mg(100%) 32 mg(200%)
pantothenic acid 6 mg(100%) 12 mg(200%)
vitamin B6 1,4 mg(100%) 2,8 mg(200%)
Folic acid 200 µg(100%) 400 µg(200%)
vitamin B12 2,5 µg(100%) 5 µg(200%)
biotin 50 µg(100%) 100 µg(200%)
vitamin C 80 mg(100%) 160 mg(200%)
vitamin E 12 mg(100%) 24 mg(200%)


(PL) Specjalnie z myślą o zawodowych sportowcach oraz wszystkich amatorach aktywnego trybu życia marka Real Pharm stworzyła unikalną kompozycję witamin z grupy B wzbogaconą dodatkowo witaminą C oraz E. Suplementacja Vitamin B Complex Real Pharm dostarczy Ci optymalnej dawki cennych składników odżywczych w idealnie dobranych dla Twojego organizmu proporcjach, dzięki czemu będzie on mógł w pełni podołać każdemu treningowi!

(PL) Sposób użycia: spożywać 1 tabletkę do 2 razy dziennie. Nie przekraczać maksymalnej ilości 2 tabletek dziennie.


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