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Do you want to comprehensively support the functioning of your organism? Are you looking for a way to strengthen bones and reduce the symptoms of chronic tiredness that often besets especially those physically active people? Bet on the effective supplementation Real Pharm Vitamin D, which will ensure You the optimal doses of D3 and K vitamins for maintaining the good health and excellent physical condition.

Vitamin D and vitamin K in the body play a number of important roles in the organism. In addition to the impact on bones and teeth condition and the proper functioning of the muscular system, they care about the smooth running of the immune and nervous system, they are essential in blood clotting processes and provide appropriate levels of life energy. Real Pharm Vitamin D is supplement created specially for active people, to which the bone nad muscle system fitness is the basis for achieving daily training effects. Thanks to the Real Pharm Vitamin D supplementation you will reduce the risk of Vitamins D and K deficiency which has a negative effect on Your fitness and You will reduce the risk of disorders of absorption of calcium and phosphorus! The preparation contains cholecalciferol the optimal dose for your body, and also helps to satisfy the daily requirement of vitamin K, without which calcium is not able to effectively reach for your bones. Care about Your health condition, betting on the best supplement on the market, which can satisfy in 100% Your  expectations!

Caring about the proper level of vitamins D3 and K you will be certain that Your muscles and bones will cope with each challenge, and what’s more, you will give Your organism the impulse, which allows to improve the immune system activity and thanks to it you will avoid frequent infections!

Supplementation of vitamin D in connection with vitamin K will also assure You:

  • Guarantee to maintain an adequate calcium levels in the blood, which is necessary for effective fat reduction
  • Additional support for the blood circulation functioning
  • Better functioning of the hormonal system and the increscent of testosterone secretion
  • The complex organism’s protection from multi diseases including the diabetes type II and osteoporosis


Vitamin D Real Pharm is the best product not only because of its high quality and excellent bioavailability. With an extremely wide spectrum of the preparation you are supporting your organism during periods of reduced production of vitamin D, and you will use up its positive impact on health, avoid tiredness which takes out the willingness to act, as well as improve your overall fitness and increase the level of life energy. During the autumn, winter and spring, the secretion of vitamin D3 by our organism decreases drastically – less sun disturbs the natural processes of production of vitamin D3 and causes numerous problems, which not only negatively affect the condition of the organism, but also make our general well-being much worse. If you want to avoid a slump, improve fitness and comprehensively take care of health, Vitamin D Real Pharm will provide you with the best, and immediately noticeable effect of supplementation! Take care of healthy bones and teeth, make your muscles functioning perfectly and enjoy the perfect well-being regardless of the weather and circumstances! Real Pharm will help you to achieve complete success taking care of your health and supporting in achieving not only excellent training effects, but also better physical and mental form!



Real Pharm Vitamin D is high quality dietary supplement condensed into 450 mg tablets. It is a part of the unique Health Series supplements, created by Real Pharm.

Vitamin D is among the most underestimated vitamins, while its deficiency may have serious health consequences, such as immune system disorders, rickets, or even mental illnesses.

Vitamin D is vital especially for young bodies. It is considered to be a prohormone, that after being transformed by enzymes changes into a hormone called calcitriol. Additionally, vitamin D belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins, which means it can be dissolved in oil and stored in our body.

Vitamin D deficiency can incur serious health consequences, like bone and joint complications, deteriorate kidney condition or even cause respiratory problems. This is why it is so important to maintain the right levels of vitamin D in your body – it is also responsible for proper functioning of the immune system, and in turn helps to stay in shape.

If you have limited access to sunlight during the day, you should take care of sufficient vitamin D supplementation. Multiple researches have shown that daily intake of 1100 IU of vitamin D may decrease the risk of cancer incidence, as well as eliminate escalation of the symptoms connected with depressive states.

Depending on the source, the minimal recommended daily intake of vitamin D starts from the level of 600 IU. Real Pharm Vitamin D is the perfect choice  for those who work out and wish to increase their strength, and for all those who simply want to take care of their overall health.

Vit D 2000 IU is a dietary supplement in tablet, designed for both professional athletes and amateurs, supplementing their diets with vitamin D and vitamin K.


Vitamin D contained in the product has a positive effect on:

– Maintaining proper condition of bones and teeth,

– Absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus and maintaining proper level of calcium in the blood,

– Maintaining the proper functioning of muscles,

– Proper functioning of the immune system.


Vitamin K contained in the product has a positive effect on:

– Maintaining proper condition of bones,

– Blood clotting.

Active ingredients 1 tablet RDA%
Vitamin D 2000 IU 50 mg 1000%
Vitamin K 75 mg 100%

(PL) Preparat uzupełnia dietę sportowców, jak i osób amatorsko uprawiających sport w witaminę D oraz witaminę K.

(PL) Zalecana porcja to: 1 tabletka dziennie.

Aby najlepiej wykorzystać działanie suplementu zaleca się przyjęcie w jednej dawce, w czasie lub bezpośrednio po posiłku zawierającego w swoim składzie tłuszcz (witaminy te rozpuszczają się w tłuszczach).


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