Anna Georgieva

Bio Anna Georgieva
Born 16.08.1978
Height 168 cm
Weight 48 kg

Anna Georgieva, better-known as Ann-G, is a famous Bulgarian fitness model and singer. With her aesthetic proportions, inspiring personality and artistic talant on the stage, Ann-G is a true representation of what modern fitness beauty is all about.

Ever since she was a child, Anna demonstrated a great passion about sports. She started in gymnastics and later moved on to contemporary ballet. Nowadays, when she is not traveling around the world for participation in fitness competitions, Ann-G works as a TV host, a nutritionist and a VIP trainer in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Throughout her professional career as a fitness model, Anna has registered a number of prestigious victories in different local and international tournaments. Among her greatest achievements are 1st place in Miss Fitness Bulgaria 2006, 1st place in Fitness and Bodybuilding World Championship 2014, Brusno Slovakia, 1st place in Grand Prix „Dionysopolis” and 3rd place in INBA Miss Olympia Natural.

Ann-G follows a strict fitness routine. She works out almost every day and each training session targets a different muscle group. Her favourite exercises are weighted squats, crunches and cross cardio. When it comes to her diet before contests, Anna has a pretty standard menu – salads, lean proteins (boiled eggs, greek yogurt, chicken, fish), healthy carbohydrates and fruits (apples, grapefruits, pineapples). Off season, she likes to indulge with her favourite sushi.

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