Stoyan Todorchev

Stoyan Todorchev is a Bulgarian strongman competitor, well-known for his impressive sizes, exceptional strength and iron willpower to perform at his best even when major injuries are trying to stand in his way.

Stoyan started training with weights in his home when he was 16 years old. At the age of 18 he entered his first competition in powerlifting and three years later – in 2006, he became the Bulgarian powerlifting champion. In addition to that, Stoyan Todorchev has been crowned twice as Bulgaria’s Strongest Man. He also holds a number of world records in powerlifting, including a Guiness book record, set in 2010 in Syberia, when he, alongside with 8 other fellow competitors, dragged together an airplane with the weight of 195 tons. Since then Stoyan is a regular participant in prestigious Strongman events, where he managed to defeat such giants as Žydrūnas Savickas (World’s Strongest Man for 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014) and Mariusz Pudzianowski ( World’s Strongest Man for 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008).

In June 2015 Stoyan Todorchev entered with great success the Strongman Champions League as on his debut he won the 3th place in SCL Bulgaria. Two mouths later he added another bronze medal to his large collection – this time form SCL Croatia. On top of that, Stoyan gave an unforgettable performance at SCL Romania, where he torn pectoral muscle early in the second discipline, but despite the excruciating pain and doctors prohibiton – he continued fighting till the end and won the 4th place in the competition, with just 2 point behind the big winner.

With his following result (4th place in SCL Martinique), Stoyan Todorchev earned the 9th place in SCL overall ranking list for 2015. This top rating allowed Stoyan to participate in the final mega tournament of Strongman Champions League, which took place in Turkey (5th and 6th December 2015) and brought together the 10 strongest men on the planet. Undoubtedly, Stoyan Todorchev is an athlete who deserved to be there, among the best and to show the world what true strength and spirit mean. In April 2016 Stoyan conquered yet another great victory – 3th place in SCL Germany.

Stoyan Todorchev doesn’t follow a specific diet, but he is trying to incorporate in his menu the usual healthy bodybuilding foods – lean meat, dairy products, oatmeal, eggs, fish, rice, potatoes and all kind of vegetables. A very important part of Stoyan’s routine is regularly taking his favourite amino acids, protein shakes and recovery supplements.

Bio: Stoyan Todorchev
Born: October 27, 1984 (age 31) in Perusztica, Bulgaria
Height: 1.97 m (6 ft 6 in)
Weight: 160 kg (25 st 3 lb)
Best Lifts: 185 kg Log Lift, 422 kg Deadlift, 250 kg Bench Press

Top competition record:

  • 1st 2004 Bulgaria’s Strongest Man
  • 1st 2005 Bulgaria’s Strongest Man
  • 1st World Strongman Cup Federation 2006: Wiedeń
  • 6th 2007 Europe’s Strongest Man
  • 2nd 2009 Strongman Super Series Overall
  • 3rd 2015 SCL Bulgaria
  • 3rd 2015 SCL Croatia
  • 4th 2015 SCL Romania
  • 4th 2015 SCL Martinique
  • 3th 2016 SCL Germany
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