Real Pharm Coconut Oil 1000ml Nierafinowany

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Coconut oil by Real Pharm is the healthiest of all fats and can be used in many ways!

Cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil should find its place in the kitchen of anyone who cares for his health and looks! Coconut oil can perfectly substitute butter and other products for spreading on bread. It will enrich desserts, homemade pastries and fruit cocktails with valuable fats. It’s suitable for high temperature frying and guarantees unique flavour and aroma of the prepared meals. 

Real Pharm extra virgin coconut oil is unrefined coconut fat with numerous pro-health and cosmetic properties. With high content of saturated fatty acids, including lauric acid present only in coconut oil and breast milk, the cold pressed coconut oil provides support for the natural immunity, has antibacterial and antifungal effects, eliminates the viruses that attack your body! 

Cold pressed coconut oil is the perfect way to fight civilizational diseases. This type of fat protects against development of type II diabetes, is the perfect support of your cardiovascular system and helps to avoid hypertension and obesity. Another advantage of extra virgin coconut oil is its effectiveness in lowering bad cholesterol levels.

If you appreciate high quality and want to actively take care of your health, Real Pharm will let you combine the enjoyment of great taste of the dishes you prepare with pro-health properties!

The unique taste of cold pressed coconut oil will let you diversify your everyday menu and give your meals exotic flavor! If you love the taste of coconut and want to enjoy it in its purest form, then don’t hesitate and invite extra virgin coconut oil to your kitchen and mix it with other food products by Real Pharm, making nutritious and flavorful dishes! 

Coconut oil will also let you take care of your looks! Used as a skin balm it will help you to quickly improve its condition and will become a great way to fight off stretch marks and cellulite. 

Find out what’s the taste of coconut pleasure at its best – with coconut oil by Real Pharm you will enrich your everyday diet in valuable fatty acids, and you will begin to counteract the negative effects of the less healthy fats you have been using up to now.


Unrefined coconut oil is suitable for every dish, as long as you don’t mind the characteristic coconut flavor. This oil is resistant to high temperatures and keeps freshness for a long time – it doesn’t become rancid, it doesn’t lose its properties! Keep coconut oil in a cool and dark place to keep to enjoy its qualities longer! 


 in 100g

Energy value 900kcal

Fats 98g

incl. saturated fatty acids 93.5g

Carbohydrates 0g

incl. sugars 0g

Dietary fiber 0g 

Protein 0g

Salt 0g

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