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Real Pharm Pancake 1000g

Real Pharm Pancake 1000g

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Morning rush doesn’t allow you to prepare a wholesome breakfast? Are you looking for a sweet snack? Are you dreaming about traditional American pancakes that always turn out perfectly? Do you want to enjoy the taste and nutritional values of the food you prepare? With Real Pharm you’ll prepare amazing pancakes in just 5 minutes!

Quick snack can become a valuable part of your diet! Created with active people in mind, especially sportsmen and the enthusiasts of strength training, Real Pharm Pancake is a mix of top quality ingredients for preparation of traditional pancakes that will strike a chord with  anyone!

With Pancake by Real Pharm you will provide yourself with an additional, large dose of valuable proteins! One of the ingredients in this mix is whey protein concentrate (WPC), that makes this meal more nutritionally valuable and lets you fill protein deficiencies in your daily diet. 

Protein is the basic ingredient of diet of anyone striving to get fit and the perfect figure – with Real Pharms protein pancakes you can enjoy a valuable dose of proteins any time of the day! Try these pancakes fried on our coconut oil and with an addition of our coconut butter! The outcome will surpass your expectations!

Real Pharm pancakes contain as much as 58% of protein in one serving, which together with carbohydrates makes for the ideal breakfast mix, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The addition of oatmeal gives these pancakes their unique taste.

A big advantage of these pancakes is that they don’t have to be eaten right after preparing them – they lose nothing of their fluffiness of taste when served cold. Apart from that, the simplicity of this meal means that you have the freedom to choose any additional ingredients that you like – such as syrups, Real Pharm nut butters, fruits etc. 

With Pancake by Real Pharm your pancakes will always be perfect! Choose quality and convenience – you just need to mix the right amount of the product with water or milk and fry the pancake batter on good oil. This way you can quickly get healthy protein pancakes for active people! 


Put 80g of powder in a bowl, add 75ml of water or milk, stir with a scutcher until you achieve uniform pancake batter. Fry pancakes at both sides on a hot, well oiled frying pan. 


Pancake by Real Pharm is a base for the preparation of American pancakes. Product intended for anyone who wishes to enrich their everyday diet with additional protein in the form of whey protein concentrate (WPC).

Pancake is the ideal alternative to a traditional breakfast, and also a valuable dessert for anyone who needs additional portion of energy but cares for figure.



in 100 g

1 serving = 80 g (%RWS)

Energy value

382,11 kcal/1606,12 kJ

305,69 kcal/1284,89 kJ (15%)


7,68 g

6,15 g (9%)

incl. saturated fatty acids

2,72 g

2,18 g (11%)


41,16 g

32,93 g (13%)

incl. sugars

11,65 g

9,32 g (10%)

Dietary fiber

2,84 g

2,27 g


36,10 g

28,88 g (58%)


0,52 g

0,42 g (7%)

Real Pharm Pancake 100g


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