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Glutamine is one of amino acids that are absolutely indispensable for professional athletes and physically active amateurs, for whom sport is just a way to relax. If you wish to gain exceptionally strong anti-catabolic protection, increase your training stamina and have much more energy, choose high quality supplement – Glutamine Real Pharm. It will help you speed up the effects of your everyday training and will support your body in the period between trainings. 

Glutamine is the only amino acid that contains not one, but two atoms of nitrogen, making it its valuable precursor and transmitter at the same time. Glutamine will give you a strong anabolic stimulus, effective anti-catabolic protection. It will also increase your training endurance, which will let you to work out more intensively and longer more often than before!

Glutamine Real Pharm is the purest glutamine in powder on the market. It is available in many unique flavor options. We are confident it will satisfy 100% of your needs! Thanks to the highest quality glutamine and big amount of amino acid contained in a single serving of this product and increased digestibility, you will speed up after-workout regeneration to the maximum and achieve any training goal!

Glutamine contained in this Real Pharm supplement is a top quality amino acid, characterized by exceptionally high bioavailability and quick digestibility. Choosing Glutamine Real Pharm you can be sure that you’ll improve your dry muscle mass gains, avoid degradation of the muscle tissue created thus far. You’ll also overcome the fatigue that takes your motivation away, improve your immunology and keep the proper acid-alkaline balance vital for your mental and physical health. 


By using Glutamine Real Pharm you avoid training gains slow-downs and effectively improve protein processing and nitric oxide synthesis, getting perfectly shaped muscles and better motivation! Glutamine in capsules will let you achieve any training goal and you’ll soon notice that you can push yourself much harder – not only in the gym! 


Mix 1 serving of the product (5,5g) with 200 ml of water or juice. Take up to 2 servings per day. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 2 servings per day.


– Better sex life

– Reserve energy sources (glutamine can turn into glucose)

– Effective synthesis and resynthesis of proteins

– Better stamina

– Increased endurance during trainings

– Faster glycogen production processes


1 kapsułka – 1 capsule 


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