Real Pharm DAA 250g

Real Pharm DAA 250g

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Real Pharm DAA 250g

The product is in the form of a powder to dilute the recommended portion with water and consume once a day. Contains D-aspartic acid.

What is D-aspartic acid?

D-aspartic acid, contained in the product Real Pharm DAA 250g (in other words: asparagine) is one of the endogenous protein amino acids of an acidic nature, it is one that the human body metabolizes (produces, processes, synthesizes) from other compounds. In this case, it is transmission from glutamate and oxaloacetate and in the ornithic cycle and the demand for this amino acid is fully covered by the human body itself. Deficiencies occur only during increased efforts, with exhaustion of the body and with some diseases. It is an important dietary supplement for athletes practicing strength sports, and especially during intensive training, because it participates in the biosynthesis of purines and pyrimidines.

It is important because derivatives of these compounds participate, among others in metabolic processes and are the main components of nucleic acids, i.e. DNA and RNA.

Why should you use Real Pharm DAA?

D-aspartic acid, is the main ingredient in the Real Pharm DAA 250 g dietary supplement, it is not only used by athletes, but also has medical applications. It is worth suggesting this when buying, because as potassium salt it is given to people after surgery and recovery after severe illnesses, as well as during (drip) and as an ingredient of nutritional preparations. So this is not just  for impatient bodybuilders exposed by the company, but a necessary relationship when the body needs evident support. And this happens in the case of athletes who undertake hard exercise training.

Endogenous amino acids are produced by the body, but you can not forget that hard training in the gym causes deficiencies of all compounds involved in development, especially the amino acids necessary to build muscle mass. The weight-bearing athlete therefore needs systematic and comprehensive supplementation of all metabolizing compounds, as well as those that increase their libido and add energy to exercise, eliminating fatigue and discouragement.

All this you will find in the Real Pharm DAA dietary supplement, because asparagine not only speeds up metabolism, but also affects the body's vital processes.

D-aspartic acid improves protein synthesis, thanks to which muscle growth proceeds without inhibitions and without exposing the body to catabolism, which is the biggest nightmare for a bodybuilder. Thanks to the easy (and pleasant) absorption of the preparation through the stomach and the appropriate, non-irritating mucosal consistency, full post-workout regeneration is achieved and the body is armed to the next challenges. Asparagine has an impact on the hormonal balance, and thus increases the secretion of testosterone, and it has a twofold significance, because it stimulates taking Real Pharm DAA for exercise, while supporting its sexual performance.


The preparation should not be used for nutritional purposes, as it is intended only for hard-training athletes. For other indications for its use (chronic disease, exhaustion of the body, detoxification after taking opioids), the preparation will be prescribed by a doctor. The product is not allowed for pregnant women, nor should it be consumed if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Store at temperatures up to 25 degrees C, in a tightly closed container, out of reach of children and UV rays.

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D-aspartic acid

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