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You lack the energy? You want to improve your efficiency during exercises and performing daily duties? Red Speed Real Pharm is your recipe for success! Thanks to the unique supplementation formula of energizing ingredients, you will gain strength and willingness to both work and further aggravating your organism exercise.

Red Speed Real Pharm tablets are the supplement designed for professional competitors and active lifestyle enthusiasts, and for all exposed to great physical and mental effort in their daily work.
The ideal proportions of ingredients with a strong stimulant, as well as increasing memory and concentration and action alertness causes that Red Speed Real Pharm brings immediately the perceptible effects of supplementation and allows them to give each other much more, regardless of the circumstances!

Bet on the quality, which the brand Real Pharm guarantees.

Using Red Speed you will gain among others:

  • Better endurance and immediate reduction of tiredness
  • Improvement of concentration and memory
  • The possibility of maximum focusing attention during performed activities
  • Improvement of alertness and  reflex
  • Additional dose of energy

The preparation contains the best quality extract from guarana, caffeine, glucuronolactone and inositol, thanks to which it assures maximum and long-term supplementation effect. Using Red Speed you will improve the functioning of the tired organism and regain the strength to activity! Be convinced, that none of other preparations will not assure You such long-term and strong activity effect, thanks to which you will use 200% of your possibilities and cope with each challenge!

Moreover, the use of based on guarana extract, and other active compounds of the preparation Red Speed allows you to avoid caused by excessive drinking of coffee burden on the kidneys and mineral deficiencies, including crucial to the proper functioning of the muscles of magnesium. The product does not contain harmful substances which are present in energy drinks including sugar and sweeteners, colorings and preservatives, so you can gain the power to act in a safe manner for Your health! If you want to get the maximum stimulating effect, Red Speed will fulfill all Your expectations. Bet on the quality and reliability of the perfect complex of active components, which will allow You to achieve much more, not only during exercises, but also while doing other tasks!


Red Speed by Real Pharm is a top quality dietary supplement in tablets, 900 mg each.

The product is a carefully constructed formula, based on guarana seed extract, caffeine, inositol and glucuronolactone. Its main purpose is to provide proper level of energy in the body, therefore it is particularly effective for sportsmen, and both physical or intellectual workers.

Caffeine contained in the product has a positive impact on reducing fatigue during various tasks, and thus guarantees increased strength, attention and alertness.

Apart from the effects described above, guarana extract may be able to control the body weight by the metabolism of fats, protecting our body against negative effects of stress and undesirable impact of the external environment.

Guarana seeds are the most abundant plant source of caffeine, and therefore it directly affects the transmission of stimuli in the human nervous system.

With such a formula, Red Speed by Real Pharm provides you with instant supply of energy, improves overall ability to concentrate and helps to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue.

Get rid of stress and fatigue – enrich your supplementation with products created by Real Pharm.

RED SPEED is a dietary supplement in tablet, designed for both professional athletes and amateurs, supplementing their diet with caffeine, inositol and glucuronolactone.

Active ingredients 1 tablet 2 tablets
Paullinia cupana guarana seeds extract standardized to 22% caffeine 300 mg(66 mg caffeine) 600 mg(132 mg)
caffeine 134 mg 268 mg
inositol 10 mg 20 mg
glucuronolactone 10 mg 20 mg


(PL) RED SPEED to suplement diety w tabletkach, przeznaczony zarówno dla profesjonalnych sportowców jak i osób amatorsko uprawiających sport, uzupełniający ich dietę w kofeinę, inozytol oraz glukuronolakton.

(PL) Sposób użycia: spożywać 1 tabletkę 2 razy dziennie. Nie przekraczać maksymalnej ilości 2 porcji (2 tabletek) do spożycia dziennie.


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