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Real Pharm Zinc is a high quality dietary supplement condensed into 450 mg tablets. It is a part of the unique Health Series supplements, created by Real Pharm.

Zinc is an element extremely important to every living organism, and plays vital role in many aspects of its functioning.

The most notable of these are:

  • positive impact on the immune system functions, protection against common cold, flu, or conjunctivitis
  • positive impact on fertility and reproduction
  • takes part in maintaining the normal plasma testosterone level
  • takes part in metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • improves intellectual abilitie
  • accelerates wound healing and soothes skin irritations


Zinc plays a crucial role not only in the diet of athletes, but all of us. It is especially important for women, as it prevents hair loss and breakage of nails.

Apart from all the aspects described above, zinc deficiency might cause lack of appetite, skin diseases, or even loss of taste and smell.

You should also take care to include this underestimated element in your supplementation, your body will certainly benefit greatly!


ZINC is a dietary supplement in tablets, designed for both professional athletes and amateurs. ZINC dietary supplement is a high quality product that supplements the diet of athletes with zinc.


Zinc contained in the product:

– positively affects the functioning of the immune system,

– participates in the synthesis of DNA and cell division,

– has a positive effect on fertility and reproduction,

– participates in maintaining normal serum concentrations of testosterone,

– affects the metabolism of fatty acids,

– participates in the metabolism of macronutrients and carbohydrates.

Active ingredients 1 tablet RDA%
zinc lactateof which zinc 56 mg15 mg *150%

(PL) Zinc Real Pharm gwarantuje Ci , że dostarczysz do organizmu optymalną do zaspokojenia potrzeb osób aktywnych fizycznie dawkę cynku, dzięki czemu poprawi się Twoje samopoczucie i usprawnisz działanie całego organizmu!

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