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Currently, many people are looking for proven energy sources, preferably in liquid form. That is why various types of energy drinks are very popular, so you can feel a significant surge of energy into action in a few seconds. They help to mobilize yourself before physical activity or stimulate you to act during a hard day at work. One of such products is, among others, Real Pharm Real Energy Drink Zero Sugar 250ml.

Product Description

Real Pharm Real Energy Drink Zero Sugar is an energy drink containing a lot of valuable vitamins. It is carbonated and pasteurized. It does not contain sugar in its composition, however, it owes its sweet taste to sweeteners. Is a very good source of phenylalanine and caffeine. It is available on the market in a 250 ml can. Energy drink is produced in Poland.

The product's composition contains valuable taurine, which is responsible, among others, for supporting heart contractions, supporting brain development, transporting creatine to muscles and controlling water and salt levels. Taurine has anti-catabolic effects, especially important from the point of view of athletes. Taurine acts as a warehouseman and a transporter of nitrogen. This substance has its share in the process of tissue regeneration, for example after hard strength training. Nitrogen means that tissues can rebuild their structure by themselves. It does not take amino acids from muscle proteins. Taurine therefore has a significant effect on the inhibition of catabolic processes.


This product should be used of a decrease in energy as it contains a high dose of caffeine. It is also a very good source of valuable vitamins and minerals, therefore it can be a kind of dietary supplement. Due to the presence of taurine and caffeine in the composition, it is recommended to athletes and mentally active people.


The product contains an annotation on the daily reference intake of vitamins and minerals for adults. This means that you need to convert these values ​​into the amount of product you eat. In addition, you should be aware of our daily caloric demand and take into account the lifestyle and other factors. On this basis, you can determine how many servings of the product can be consumed per day.


The product contains water and acid: citric acid, carbon dioxide, taurine (0.04%). In addition, also the acidity regulator: sodium citrate, caffeine (0.032%), aromas. Sweeteners such as saccharin, Aspartame, Acesulfame K cyclamates. It also contains the dyes E150c and E101. The product is rich in vitamins, including niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid.


Due to the high caffeine content, the product is not recommended for use by children, pregnant women or breastfeeding women. The product should be consumed before the expiration date on the bottom of the can. Energy drink should be stored in a dry and cool place.

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Real Pharm Real Energy Drink Zero Sugar 250ml

Real Pharm Real Energy Drink Zero Sugar 250ml

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