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The Real Pharm product, MTC OIL, is a medium-chain fat content complex. MTC stands for medium chain triglycerides. These fats are unique because the liver metabolizes them completely with the release of energy. To create one of these tendencies to do so, by storing in the form of burdensome fat required. Through the portal vein, they are immediately absorbed into the liver. They also quickly enter the bloodstream. Their properties are so surprising and separating effects on the body that they are contained in cases of exposure to diseases, for example, if a person has impaired fat absorption. The main advantage of MTC is also that for their combustion a second smaller amount of oxygen is needed than in various other cases.

Who is MTC OIL recommended for?

MTC oil is primarily recommended to athletes and people who are very physically active. Due to the fact that the product absorbs very quickly, it saves muscle glycogen during training. MTC oil supports the body during physical training, but also serves faster regeneration. This oil can be used regardless of the training goal. It is recommended for people building muscle mass and those in the process of reducing weight. It is also very helpful when using the ketogenic diet.


A portion of the product should be 15 ml. The product should be consumed once a day. It is worth remembering not to exceed the recommended servings, as this may have a bad effect on the body. Excessive consumption of fats contained in the product may lead to an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Composition of the Product

In 100 g of the product you can find capric acid and caprylic acid (35:55 ​​g)

Capric and caprylic acid can be found, among others, in coconut oil and palm oil. Palm oil is therefore one of the ingredients of Real Pharm MTC Oll. These fats, in addition to a very positive impact on the body of people practicing sport, also having an impact on the fight against various diseases. They support, among others, the treatment of celiac disease, epilepsy, liver disease or Alzheimer's. Therefore, MTC oil is used on an increasing scale in medicine and in the treatment of diseases primarily related to the digestive system. After a few weeks of using the product, you can see positive changes in terms of the overall state of the digestive system.

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Real Pharm MCT OIL 400ml

Real Pharm MCT OIL 400ml

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