Real Pharm Cooking Olive Oil Spray 200ml

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Real Pharm Olive oil in a spray

Olive oil for frying in spray has in its composition predominantly unsaturated fats, up to 69 g in 100 ml, which significantly exceeds the content of saturated fat, which is only 14 g in 100 ml. In addition, the product composition also includes healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids in the amount of 9 g per 100 ml. The low content of saturated fats avoids problems within the circulatory system, such as the accumulation of cholesterol in the veins. The atomizer allows controlled dosing of oil in a pan or other hot surface, thanks to which it is easy to avoid fat soaking fried foods. It is therefore a product that allows healthy eating without giving up fried meals. 100 milliliters of product contains an energy value of 828 kcal.

Before spreading the oil in the pan, it is advisable to shake the can. Then tilt the can 45 ° from the vertical and spray from a distance of 15 cm to 30 cm from the surface of the pan. Olive oil spray is perfect for home and barbecue. Packaging should not be exposed to high temperatures (40 ° C and above) as there is a risk of ignition or even explosion. In addition, avoid using the spray near the eyes, as this may cause eye irritation.


The product naturally includes olive oil and propellant. This gas is necessary to allow spraying the content, but it does not adversely affect the taste of products served in olive oil, nor does it carry the risk of injury.

General information

Olive oil spray is sold in a 200 ml can. For safe use, ensure that the product is stored properly. For this purpose, it is worth finding a dry and cool place, well protected from light. This place should also be inaccessible to children due to the risk of eye irritation when accidentally sprayed around the head. It is also worth ensuring adequate ventilation of the room where the oil can is to be stored.


100 ml

0.22 ml

Energy value / Wartość energetyczna


0kJ/ 0kcal

fat / tłuszcz

92 g

0 g

including saturated fatty acids

/ w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone

14 g

0 g

monounsaturated fatty acids

/ kwasy tłuszczowe jednonienasycone

69 g

0 g

polyunsaturated fatty acids

/ kwasy tłuszczowe wielonienasycone

9 g

0 g

carbohydrates / węglowodany

0 g

0 g

including sugars / w tym cukry

0 g

0 g

fibre / błonnik

0 g

0 g

protein / białko

0 g

0 g

salt / sól

0 g

0 g

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Real Pharm Cooking Olive Oil Spray 200ml

Real Pharm Cooking Olive Oil Spray 200ml

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