Real Pharm Antidepres 60tabl.

Real Pharm Antidepres 60tabl.

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Real Pharm Antidepres has been designed for those who can’t separate themselves from the situations or thoughts that bother them and to some degree influence their quality of life. 

In the long run, life in stress can make it harder to live your life to the fullest. You find it hard to enjoy everyday pleasure – something that was easy not long ago. Antidepres is intended for those who feel the negative impact that stress has on their body. The ability to concentrate slowly gets worse, the risk of forgetting about really important matters increases. The stressed body can’t fully recover during sleep, which makes it less efficient and you wake up more and more tired as days go by.

Some crucial elements that let you enjoy life are lacking. That’s when it’s worth to use Real Pharm Antidepres. You may find out that lack of motivation to act had been caused by deficiency of one of the substances that are key to your well-being. Up to now, Real Pharm’s products have been constantly gaining popularity among consumers. Our products are characterized by high quality that comes at low price. The formulas of our supplements are developed by specialists who are world-class in their respective fields. Each ingredient can be scientifically justified for its effectiveness.


The recommended dose is 2 tablets, taken in two separate servings (in the morning and in the evening), after a meal, with a glass of water. If the meal contained milk, please wait 30 minutes before taking the supplement. 



 2 tablets

Inositol 200mg

L-tryptophan 200mg 

Saffron flower (Crocus dativus L.) extract 30mg

Vitamin B6 1mg

Folic acid 200ug

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