Real Pharm Liver Control 60 caps

Real Pharm Liver Control 60 caps

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Real Pharm liver control 60 caps is a novel formula that comprehensively supports your liver function. Real Pharm is a well known and respected producer of highest quality dietary supplements. This time the experts working for this international consortium have decided to design an innovative product that supports liver in all its most important functions. 

Real Pharm liver control 60 caps is a product that contains 4 active substances: soy lecithin, ornithine, choline and milk thistle extract, which is the source of the extremely valuable silymarin. What’s important, contrary to many other products of this class, Real Pharm Liver Control works simultaneously on several dimensions, which ensures its additional effectiveness in terms of improving liver function. The composition of four active ingredients has been meticulously designed following laboratory studies, and that’s why it’s so effective!

Real Pharm liver control is a comprehensive response to liver problems. Owing to its unique composition of four top-quality active ingredients, Real Pharm Liver Control works on three fields most important for the proper liver function: supports the regeneration process of damaged liver cells, has a detoxicating effect and improves metabolism of nutrients, especially fats.

Due to inclusion of silymarin in the form of milk thistle extract and soy phospholipids that have their source in lecithin, protective and regenerating effect of Real Pharm Liver Control can bring much better results than supplements that contain only one of these ingredients.

Soy lecithin is above all else a source of extremely important soy phospholipids. They are natural chemical compounds that exhibit liver protecting mechanism similar to that of silymarin. Just like silymarin, soy phospholipids increase the speed of natural regeneration processes of the liver cells and also create a protective shield around them.


It’s recommended to take 3 capsules of Real Pharm Liver control in 3 separate servings. The capsule should be swallowed without cracking it open and washed down with some water. 

One should not exceed the recommended daily dosage of the product. The package contains 60 capsules, which equals 20 daily doses of the product. 


1 capsule

Soy lecithin


Choline bitartrate



– Liver cell regeneration process support and liver protection

– Significant support of liver detoxification process

– Strong support of fats and carbohydrates metabolism, that is the nutrients which burden our liver the most

Daily serving (3caps): 

1000 mg Soy Lecithin

 400 mg Ornithine

900 mg choline bitartrate

320 mg Sylimarin

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